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E-mails and Memos

    November 10, 2011
    FEM pilot studies/best practices report
    Attached is Jacobs Engineering's final report from the FEM Pilot Studies and Best Practices review conducted last year. Because of contractual difficulties during the final review, we were not able to complete revision of the appendices. We expect to complete that and combine it with this final report as soon as we have a contractual means to do so.

    This reflects a baseline assessment of present USACE maintenance management activities at the selected sites in light of the provisions of the draft National FEM Utilization Plan (U-Plan), a review of maintenance management best practices from selected outside organizations, and recommendations to close the gap between present USACE and industry best practices. The intent was that the recommendations would be provided for USACE to consider incorporating into the upcoming revision to the U-Plan as needed.

    These results and the proposed path forward for the U-Plan revision along with further development of USACE maintenance management will be discussed at next week's meeting of the Regional Asset Managers in Atlanta.

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