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Mission/Purpose: To ensure that Operations & Regulatory team members and missions are served by capable and visionary leaders. We will be effective at solving problems, using teams, sharing knowledge, and developing people so that we continue to safely & reliably operate & maintain the infrastructure and environment entrusted to us. We will administer the regulatory program in a responsible and transparent manner for the benefit of the Nation and its resources.

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Flood Risk Management

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Natural Resources Management

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15 June - Recreation News June 2022
23 May - webinar - An Hour to Innovate!
12 May - Webinar - "Getting in the Game": The Story of USACE’s non-federal reimbursement program for AIS prevention and response
11 May - Recreation Leadership Advisory Team Meeting Minutes
11 May - Stewardship Advisory Team Meeting Minutes
2 May - Webinar - ERDC’s Aquatic Plant Management Team - Research Overview
2 May - Webinar - Proactive Plant Management: Does it make a difference?
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06/01/22 National Public Lands Day pre-registration link now open
05/31/22 Announcement for ENS 101 and 102 for 2022 and 2023
05/26/22 2022 USACE Water Safety Message
05/18/22 FY23 Handshake Partnership Program Request for Nominations, SUSP: 30 Sep 2022
04/28/22 Citation Module - Now Open
04/18/22 Natural Resources Management Uniform Program Now Open
04/18/22 Volunteer Value for FY 2022 = $29.95
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July 12 - : Webinar - Handshake Partnership Program
July 18 - 22, 2022 : Prospect NRM 147 (Visitor Assistance)
July 19 - : Webinar - Climate Adaptation for Forest-Dependent Wildlife Webinar Series
July 21 - : Webinar - "An Hour to Innovate" Innovations NRM Team Newsletter Webcast
August 1 - : Registation Deadline for ENS 102 October 2022 Class
August 8 - 11, 2022 : PROSPECT Partnerships in Natural Resources Management
August 16 - : Webinar - Climate Adaptation for Forest-Dependent Wildlife Webinar Series
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12 March - 2022 Lock Maintenance Workshop - February 2022
11 March - Dredging Industry Meeting - 22-23 February 2022
26 August - USACE National Dredging Meeting - 25-26 August 2021
24 February - 2021 Lock Maintenance Workshop
Operations Project Managers

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