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E-mails and Memos

    June 28, 2013
    CRAFT Energy/water/petroleum Reporting Requirements - Request for MSC Feedback - Suspense: 8 July 2013
    MSC Sustainability POCs: All MSCs are currently required (by FRAGO #4 to OPORD 2010-71) to report facility energy, water, and petroleum consumption (other than NTV fuel) on a quarterly basis, with CRAFT data entry and QC reviews completed within six weeks after the end of each fiscal quarter. In addition, OMB and CEQ require each federal agency to submit complete data for the previous FY by 31 January each year.

    Based on feedback from a number of MSCs and discussions during the 11 June 2013 SSC meeting, we are considering various options for CRAFT data reporting in FY13/14 and beyond. Our objective is to choose an approach to CRAFT data entry and reporting that addresses MSC concerns (to the extent possible), improves data quality and completeness, and enables USACE to meet its year- end reporting requirements on-time.

    Choosing the best approach for CRAFT data entry involves three considerations. Please select your MSC's preferences for the first two of the three considerations listed below and submit them via e-mail to John Coho and Antonia Giardina by COB on 8 July 2013. (How we deal with the third consideration will depend on MSC feedback on the first two.)

    1. Reporting Frequency (please choose one option for your MSC)

  • Quarterly
  • Biannually (2x per year)

    Risk/Benefit considerations regarding Reporting Frequency:

  • More frequent reporting helps to maintain focus on the Sustainability Program and USACE goals
  • Reducing reporting frequency proportionately increases the effort required for data compilation, data entry, and data quality control/ review tasks at the end of each reporting period
  • Reducing reporting frequency increases the likelihood of utility bills being misplaced and personnel forgetting data entry requirements and repeating common errors
  • Less frequent examination of utility consumption data may allow issues such as leaky or broken water mains to go undetected and negatively impacting goal performance

    2. Timing of CRAFT Data Entry (please choose one option for your MSC)

  • 6 weeks after the end of each reporting period
  • 7 weeks after the end of each reporting period
  • 8 weeks after the end of each reporting period

    Risk/Benefit considerations regarding Timing of Data Entry:

  • Allowing a longer period of time for completion of data entry and review at the end of each reporting period provides additional scheduling flexibility for MSCs, Districts, and projects
  • For the final reporting period of the year, each additional week provided for MSC/District/project data entry and review compresses the schedule for HQ USACE to evaluate and "de-bug" CRAFT data (in conjunction with the MSCs), digest the data into the required FEMP reports, and get the reports into the staffing queue through HQ and ASA(CW) to OMB/CEQ. In order to complete proper coordination before submission, the reports (including 12 different documents in Jan 2013) should be completed before the Christmas holiday.

    3. Alignment of the CRAFT reporting cycle with the federal fiscal year Explanation: To date USACE has maintained alignment between the annual reporting period and the federal fiscal year. If MSCs express a preference for 7 or 8 weeks for data entry after the end of the reporting period, HQs intends to shift the annual reporting period by 1 month from Oct-Sep to Sep-Aug each year. For example, the FY13 USACE sustainability submission would report facility energy and water consumption for the period 1 Sep 2012 - 30 Aug 2013. This would give both HQ and MSCs additional time at the end of the year to resolve outstanding issues, analyze the data, and prepare the reports.

    We will compile MSC responses and use them to guide development of the updated CRAFT reporting guidance in FRAGO #6 to OPORD 2010-71, which we plan to send out for your review in the next few weeks.

    We appreciate your continued support. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.


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