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E-mails and Memos

    February 3, 2012
    OPORD 2012-07 USACE Fleet Performance Plan Execution and Reporting
    The Operations Order (OPORD) that I wrote about to you concerning Vehicle Utilization has been issued. It is attached .

    Although the tools and approach provided in my 17 Jan 2012 "WARNO" are not part of the official OPORD, the data collection tools and guidance provided with the OPORD support the same ends i.e. completing a vehicle inventory and completing a utilization survey to define the "Optimal Fleet" for USACE, and then coming up with the acquisition plan to get us to the Optimal Fleet by Dec 2015. Be very clear that the intent is to execute the Optimal Fleet plan across USACE without exception.

    OPS needs to focus on paragraph 3.b.(1) in the OPORD, and partner-up with their Transportation Technician(s) to complete the specified sections of "Annex C VAM Reporting Tool," and to engage effectively in the "Utilization Survey." The Utilization Survey is the process through which OPS personnel need to identify (1) those vehicles that are (or should be) meeting the 7,500-10,000 miles/year utilization criteria, and (2) those vehicles that are mission-essential regardless of the annual miles driven.

    Our POC here in Ops remains Mr. John Coho (202-761-4722)

  • OPORD USACE Fleet Performance Plan and Reporting
  • Annex A Presidential Memorandum Federal Fleet Performance 24 May 2011
  • Annex B GSA Bulletin Federal Management Regulation B-30
  • Annex C VAM Reporting Tool (Optimum Fleet Attainment Plan)

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