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E-mails and Memos

    September 6, 2019
    Operations Project Managers Career Assignment Program (OPM CAP) Nominations - S: 25 October 2019
    Please see attached memo signed by Mr. Smith, Chief Operations and Regulatory Division, announcing the opening of nominations for the FY 2020 Operations Project Managers (OPM) Career Assignment Program (CAP).

    This program provides an excellent opportunity for our future leaders to gain valuable cross training, experience, and insights to the important Operations Project Manager position and working in another district. This program is primarily targeted towards applicants at the GS-12 level with supervisory experience working in the various business lines within Operations Division who aspire to the GS-13 OPM level. Participants will fill vacant OPM positions for approximately four months and will be responsible for all OPM business management functions at the project. Additional information is contained in the attachment. The OPM CAP program is a critical component for our Operations Community to develop future leaders so I am asking you to really make an extra effort to discuss this opportunity with potential candidates and encourage them to apply with support from their supervisor and Operations Chief.

    Each MSC can forward two nominations. Salaries for the CAP assignees will remain the responsibility of their home district or MSC. Travel and per diem cost will be funded by CECW-CO.

    Interested and qualified team members must submit a resume through their supervisor to their district office for consideration. District offices will forward their candidate(s) to their MSC. Each MSC Operations Chief will prepare and send an email endorsing their top two candidates to Mr. Mark Wilmes OPM CoP Advisory Board Chair, no later than 25 October 2019. Nominations will not be accepted directly from individuals.

    In addition, MSCs should evaluate and identify possible OPM positions that will be vacant near the beginning of the calendar year 2020 and which may be appropriate for consideration for these assignments. This information should also be provided to Mr. Wilmes.

    Please forward your MSC nomination(s) and any appropriate OPM vacancies to the OPM CoP Advisory Board Chair, Mr. Mark Wilmes.

    The POC for this program is Mr. Mark Wilmes, OPM CoP Advisory Board Chair, (919) 846-9332 x2226,


    Meg Gaffney-Smith
    Deputy Chief, Operations & Regulatory Division Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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