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E-mails and Memos

    June 18, 2018
    USACE MOU with Friends of the Wild Whoopers
    Operations Chiefs- Mr. Dalton, Director of Civil Works, recently signed a Corps wide Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Friends of the Wild Whoopers to help creatively and sustainably protect, restore and enhance whooping crane habitat. Because of historical habitat loss and unregulated hunting, whooping cranes are now one of the most endangered species in North America. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates 101 water resource projects in NWD, MVD, and SWD within the migration range of the Arkansas - Wood Buffalo population of whooping cranes. This group of whooping cranes is the only self- sustaining, wild, migratory population in the United States and our projects contain crucial stopover habitat for the birds to refuel during their migration.

    This national MOU will further facilitate the Friends of the Wild Whoopers assessment of whooping crane habitat at our projects. This agreement is necessary due to the size of the current range of whooping cranes in NWD, MVD, and SWD as well as the historic range which also included projects in LRD and SAD. Projects in this range can receive excellent benefits from this agreement, such as:

  • Free habitat assessments
  • Reports of available and potential whooping crane habitat improvement projects
  • Staff education on the cranes and conservation efforts for this species
  • Proactive conservation that promotes USACE as a leader in conserving our nation's precious natural resources.

    For any questions, please contact Mr. Jeremy, Crossland, Program Manager for Land Use and Natural Resources,(202) 761-4259 /

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