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Library Resources

    Library Resources - Corps Libraries & Publications

    Corps of Engineers

    • Corps of Engineers Library Information Online (CELIO)
      This links to a searchable database of the Corps' District and Division Libraries' collections.
    • Digital Visual Library
      The searchable library consists of photographs, illustrations, artwork, clipart, logos, maps, and posters of a majority of the Corps of Engineers civil and military projects from around the world.
    • Headquarters Publications
      View and download publications of the Headquarters of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Requires Adobe Reader.
    • History Center Publications
      Contains publications including historical vignettes, engineer memoirs, responses to natural disasters, and Corps history.
    • Library Program
      In addition to providing links to CELIO and Corps' HQ publications, the site gives point of contact information for all the Corps libraries. Lots of good links, too!

    Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC)

    • Libraries for ERDC personnel only
      This site allows access to the Libraries' collections, databases, full text online reports via the digital archive, and electronic journals as well as links to other sites.
    • Libraries for public access
      Allows public access and searching of the collections of the ERDC Libraries through online catalogs and the full-text digital archive. Includes links to other sites.
    • Digital Archive
      Available to the public, this site contains full text ERDC publications. View and download for free. Requires an Adobe reader.

    Institute for Water Resources

    • Navigation Data Center Publications
      Contains waterborne commerce and transportation information, commodity movements, dredging activities, and lock statistics.
    • Hydrologic Engineering Center Publications
      A library of publications that document the computer programs, hydrologic engineering and planning analysis procedures, project studies, and seminars of the Hydrologic Engineering Center.

    USACE Civil Works Digital Project Notebook

      An internet map-based digital application for all U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works projects.

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