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Hydropower Notes

Be the premier stewards of entrusted hydropower resources.

Mission Statement
Provide reliable hydroelectric power services at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business principles, in partnership with other Federal hydropower generators, the Power Marketing Administrations, and Preference Customers, to benefit the Nation.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Provide power services at the lowest sustainable cost.
  2. Optimize hydropower as a renewable resource that does not contribute to greenhouse gases.
  3. Meet or exceed industry standards for reliability and availability.
  4. Develop and implement a hydropower asset management strategy.
  5. Identify and implement opportunities to standardize equipment, processes, and services in coordination with other related federal hydropower agencies.
  6. Sustain a skilled hydropower workforce.
  7. Strengthen and sustain hydropower partnerships with power marketing administrations, preference customers, and federal power agencies.
  8. Manage the hydropower program through sound project management principles.
  9. Optimize hydropower resources within authorized project purposes and environmental laws.

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